The Imperial and Royal Infantry Regiment No. 18 “Archduke Leopold Salvator” dedicates the “Archduke Sándor March” to the regiment owner, Archduke Sándor of Habsburg-Lothringen, on the occasion of the 213th regiment memorial day and the 10th anniversary since its reestablishment in 2013.

🔹 Thanks to the composer Daniel André Vitek from Switzerland, lyrics by Herbert Freiherr von Heck and Freifrau Lucia Frischknecht from Liechtenstein, the Vienna duo for the musical performance, and our barrel organ player from Vorarlberg. 🤝

🔹 Thanks to the Imperial and Royal Major General Robert Jordan for organizing the premiere at the palace of the Most Serene Counts’ family Waldburg-Zeil in Hohenems. Thank you. 🤝


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