Ceremonial Swearing-In of the Austrian Armed Forces’ Reconnaissance and Artillery Battalion 3 Mistelbach at the Estate of Habsburg-Lothringen Hunting Lodge in Alkersdorf.

The God Mother of Bolfras Barracks – the Reconnaissance and Artillery Battalion 3 Herta Margarete Habsburg, together with Bolfras Barracks Mistelbach and the municipality of Hernstein, have invited for the solemn swearing-in ceremony.

In the presence of Minister Mag. Klaudia Tanner, Colonel Hans-Peter Hohlweg – Commander of Bolfras Barracks, State Parliament President Mag. Karl Wilfing, District Governor Mag. Verena Sonnleitner, Mayor Mag. Michaela Schneidhofer, numerous traditional associations, mayors, and volunteer fire brigades from various municipalities, the Military Band, St. Veit Brass Band, regional businesses, and all guests from near and far, it was a very beautiful celebration. ❣️


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