FlameofPeace Peace Monument unveiling in Schölbing near Hartberg in Styria, Austria.

➡️ A festival for peace in Schölbing near Hartberg in Styria, Austria

➡️ Blessing of the Peace Monument Flame of Peace

➡️ Consecration of the Styrian Peace Bell

➡️ Blessing of the Madonna María Offering, donated by Hans Lechner from Schölbing

In the presence of Hermann Schützenhöfer, former Governor, the District Commissioner, Mayor, Deputy Mayor, and Councilors, Church Council.

🔸 Thanks to all those involved that the peace monument could be unveiled, and for the wonderful celebration, the children with the peace song, the pastor and prelate, the Schölbing music band, the volunteer fire department, the Schölbing Edelweiss Association, and the Schölbing-Altenberg Farmers’ Association. 🤝

🔸 A big thank you to the family of ÖKR Hans Reisinger, the creator of the Flame, Superintendent Werner Mucknauer, Josef and Erika Freiler. 🤝

🔸 Thank you to all the guests for their shared togetherness and the wonderful celebration. 🤝

🔸 Thanks to the Austrian Comradeship Association (ÖKB) Hartberg with the Imperial Flag and the ÖKB Hollabrunn. 🤝


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