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The Knights of the Order of St. Stanislas help around the world

The St. Stanislaus Order, named after the Polish King Stanislaus II, was reestablished in the late 70s and is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. The order is based on the principles of commitment, responsibility, international collaboration, and social engagement. Members from 17 different countries come together every two years to exchange ideas and experiences.

An important activity of the order is the bestowing of honors and promotions, which take place in the Schönbrunn Palace Chapel. These ceremonies recognize deserving members and emphasize the importance of commitment and responsibility.

The order actively engages in charitable activities and promotes the common good, encouraging its members to participate. The inclusion of the Austrian states of Carinthia and Tyrol has helped consolidate the order’s resources and strengthen its societal contribution.

Overall, the St. Stanislaus Order in Austria has achieved success over its 25-year history and continues to strive for positive changes in the world.


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