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Herta Margarete & Sandor are committed to preserving and living the values, culture and tradition, passing them on to the youth and preserving the history of Austria.
As presidents of Flame of Peace, they work around the globe for the benefit of people, animals, nature and the environment.

The promotion of peace, freedom and the friendship that unites nations requires that we and our next generations know & live our traditions, values & culture.

"Because only when we know our history can we promote peace".
In addition to many patronages of traditional associations in Austria and many countries, the patronage of Austria Imperialis is an important obligation for us to preserve the culture and values of our ancestors as well as Austrian history and to preserve them for the next generations.
"Austria Imperialis is a non-partisan and non-religious association, which aims to promote culture, traditions, actions and people who have made or should make a contribution to the same in different regions of the world, as well as to support teaching and research work of culture and traditions and their development. The declared aim is to create a network for the exchange of information regarding culture and traditions, to cultivate friendship and cooperation with individuals and groups on a national and international level that unites peoples, to enable the exchange of idealistic resources and to support cultural, charitable and social purposes and institutions of any kind."


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