Sandor Habsburg-Lothringen with economic and cultural delegation in Sudan

These were excellent talks in terms of economic and cultural cooperation between Austria and Sudan. As well as peacemaking measures between Flame of Peace and Sudan.
Impressions of the White Nile and Blue Nile at the Karthoum
Ministry of Forfar Afairs -Prof. Ibrahim A. Ghandour
Ministry of Investment, Minister Osman Faisal Esayed Ali
Minister of Industries Minster Musa Karama
Ministry of Environment Minister dr. Hassan Abdelgadir Hilal
Ministry of Petroleum & Gas Günter Beck, dr. Janos Kalman, Undersectretary Bakeit Ahmed, dr. Gerhard Kiennast, DI Abdalla Sharief, Paul Slatin, Director Geneneral Hisham Taj Elsir Ibrahim
SUDAPED Sudanese Petrolium Corp, SH Planning & Business Development SH, Mohamed Elhadi Ibrahim Hassan, Abdalmoniem Ahmed Hasssan, dr. Janos Kalman
Sudanese Businessmen & Emplyers Federation
Secretary General Bakri Yousif Omer,
Darra Gallery and Rashid Diab Art Center Flame of Peace.
SH, Govenor of White Nile State A. Hameed Musa Kasha



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